Destiny: Mars Opening Sequence from Simon Clowes on Vimeo.

Directors Ilya V. Abulkhanov & Simon Clowes collaborate with Bungie to design and direct the opening cinematic to their new video game franchise Destiny. Set in present day Mars, the story narrates the first encounter, the discovery of an unidentified spherical object – The Traveler.

Studio: Prologue Films
Directors: Ilya V. Abulkhanov & Simon Clowes
CG Supervisor: Lee John Nelson
Producer: Armando Plata
Executive Producer: Unjoo Byars
Production Manager: Paul Alexiou
Animation Supervisor: Mitch Gonzalez
FX Supervisor: Allan McKay
Lighting Lead: Daniel Hayes
Compositing Supervisor: Sam Edwards
Character Modeler: Dan Katcher
Lead TD: Michael Fisher
Rigging TD: Peter Christensen
Animation: Brian Wyser and Colin Cromwell
Lighting: Desiree Lunsford and Patrick Vidal
Compositing: Siobhan Lo, Jessica Laszlo, Andrea Caretta, Sarah Brooke Grossmann, Nabil Schiantarelli & Ilya V. Abulkhanov
FX: Hnedel Maximore, Benjamin Liu and Patrick Schuler
CG Artists: Bora Jurisic and Jeffrey Dietrich
Matte Painter: Matthew Gilson
Concept Artist: Gavriil Klimov
Texture Artist: Paul Fedor
Previs: Zac Cavaliero and John Velazquez
Storyboard Artist: Doug Stambaugh
Storyboard Concept Art: Nadia Tzuo
Editor: llya V. Abulkhanov
Storyboard Animatic: llya V. Abulkhanov
Colorist: Simon Clowes
Systems: Brian Holmes, Dylan Harper and Kevin McCartney
Managing Director: Kimberly Cooper
Mocap Artists: Scott Levy, Mikal Vega and Mitch Gonzalez
Motion Capture Services: Activision Capture Studio
Additional Fluid FX : Fusion CI Studios

Star Map Sequence
Director: Simon Clowes
Producer: Armando Plata
Executive Producer: Unjoo Byars
Designer: Christian Antolin
Animator: Takayuki Sato
Editor: Gabriel J. Diaz

Client: Bungie
Story / Creative Direction feedback: Jason Jones
Creative Director / Project Lead: Christopher Barrett
Producer: Dave Dunn
Director of Marketing and COO: Pete Parsons
Associate Producer: Scott Taylor
Technical Feedback: David Parker
Concept Support: Joe Cross
Story / Brief: Joe Staten
Budgets: Harold Ryan
Character Art Feedback: Shikai Wang
Localization Feedback: Tom Slattery
Weapon / Vehicle Feedback: Tom Doyle
Art Feedback: Ryan Ellis
FX Feedback: Steve Scott
Environment Feedback: Michael Zak
Animation Feedback: Bill O’Brien

Carnivorous Plants from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.

Before studying animation, I was always interested in botany, more specifically the study of carnivorous plants. This short animation assignment pays a small tribute to these bizarre organisms.

Music by Madou Djembe: Au Village de Femmes

Plants featured in this film: Dionaea muscipula, Nepenthes Alata, Sarracenia Flava, Drosera Capensis, Drosera Dichotoma, Pinguicula Vulgaris and Sarracenia Purpurea

Space cat Hob from liok on Vimeo.

Space cat Hob is an independant project done without money, on our spare time and over a course of two years.
more info & artworks :

direction: Loïc bramoullé

music: Pyramid

Sound Design: Olivier Michelot

production: Delapost Paris

A huge thank to everyone who believed in the project and gave time and energy on it:
Martial Le Minoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Axel Digoix, Foehn Gallet, Aline Hanael, Adrien Kédochim, Paul Lavau, Quentin Rétif, Geoffrey Lerus, Larson liberlin, Zhen Li, Florent Penisson, Alexandre Wolfromm, David Atexide, Laurent Mercereau, Lisa Hulot, Samir Necib, Doris Bachelier, Mathieu Krysztoforski, thomas Arsene, Maxime Granger, André Delphin, Vincent Mineli, Alexis Beaudoin, François-Maxence Desplanque, Mathieu Gouget de Landres, Cedric Lenepveu, Louis Manjares, Fabian Nowak, Alexis Bechet, Aurélie Deconinck, Vivien Ebran, Marielle Santens, Rosita Soares, Tony Lacroix, Romain Leclerc, François Debonnet.

The Planets from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

More at & animated short film in twelve parts.

The individual planet animations are collected on their own Vimeo channel:

And the whole project is archived at

All Pictures, Sound and Movement by Andy Martin
Additional Voice on Planet Seven by Sarah Martin

Thanks to everyone at Strange Beast, Mum & Dad, the Wife and the Dog. All planets appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real aliens, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

War Thunder: Battle Is On- FX Breakdown from NiallHornVFX on Vimeo.

Here is my FX Breakdown for my Work on the Gamescom 2014 War Thunder Trailer “Battle Is On”. I got an amazing opportunity from Juice and Platige Image in Poland to work as an FX Artist on the trailer. Its been the most fun 2 months of my life thanks to the Amazing team at Juice and Platige, and the other FX Artists I got to work with. As you can see my work was on the last shot mainly doing the Engine Fire Smoke and all the Flak, also I did part of the explosion of the Bomber crashing and the Smoke Shockwave aswell as lots of RnD for the shots. apparently I am the youngest Artist ever hired by Platige Image or Juice! *Note that the comps on my breakdown are done by me so the FX look different to the Finals done by the compositors at Juice.

Watch The Full Trailer:
More Info on my blog:
Music Credit: Veigar Margeirsson - Rise Above

Mon Village est Magique (online cooperative comic book) from Simon Says: on Vimeo.

MVEM is a project of cooperative comic book. It means that several illustrators will take part to the adventure in order to give life to this wonderful world.


"1991, a small village in Burgundy, France.
Seb (8 years old) and little Tommy (his 5 year-old brother), are having a good time at home during the summer holidays. Near their house lies a mysterious old stony dome called the Icehouse, and it is totally covered with grass and trees. It is in fact the last relic of a once prestigious but now ruined castle. At school, Seb’s companions claim that the dome hides a monster! So one day, returning from a fishing trip at the nearby pond, the young brothers walk in front of the dark entrance to the site. What they find here is both terrific and wonderful. It will take them into a great adventure and lead to the discovery of fantastic places. It seems that somewhere, the castle of their dreams awaits … “

Mon Village est Magique was a series of 6 short stories for children, inspired by my own childhood and set in real locations. It is important for you to understand that I grew up near to the ruins of a real castle, which has inspired me a lot during my life. As a result, I chose to retell these facts in the story, so that I could share it with everyone. In the stories, the heroes discover the ruins of this castle, and start dreaming of fantastic things, so I included magical events that recall the Middle Ages in France and Western Europe.

The central concept of Mon Village est Magique is that our world (the reality) is surrounded by multiple Magical Worlds. The 2 young heroes, Seb and Tommy, travel to some of these worlds. The worlds are all connected to a mysterious location called the Infinite Ocean. This Ocean is like Space, except that it is not filled with stars and planets, but with water and wells. You can travel from one well to another through tube-shaped whirlpools called “fissures”. These are passages of water under very high pressure, that you could compare to wormholes. A peculiarity of the Infinite Ocean is in relation to its water: it is Magical Water, and its energy is the source of all the fantasy events in all the worlds.