Mon Village est Magique (online cooperative comic book) from Simon Says: on Vimeo.

MVEM is a project of cooperative comic book. It means that several illustrators will take part to the adventure in order to give life to this wonderful world.


"1991, a small village in Burgundy, France.
Seb (8 years old) and little Tommy (his 5 year-old brother), are having a good time at home during the summer holidays. Near their house lies a mysterious old stony dome called the Icehouse, and it is totally covered with grass and trees. It is in fact the last relic of a once prestigious but now ruined castle. At school, Seb’s companions claim that the dome hides a monster! So one day, returning from a fishing trip at the nearby pond, the young brothers walk in front of the dark entrance to the site. What they find here is both terrific and wonderful. It will take them into a great adventure and lead to the discovery of fantastic places. It seems that somewhere, the castle of their dreams awaits … “

Mon Village est Magique was a series of 6 short stories for children, inspired by my own childhood and set in real locations. It is important for you to understand that I grew up near to the ruins of a real castle, which has inspired me a lot during my life. As a result, I chose to retell these facts in the story, so that I could share it with everyone. In the stories, the heroes discover the ruins of this castle, and start dreaming of fantastic things, so I included magical events that recall the Middle Ages in France and Western Europe.

The central concept of Mon Village est Magique is that our world (the reality) is surrounded by multiple Magical Worlds. The 2 young heroes, Seb and Tommy, travel to some of these worlds. The worlds are all connected to a mysterious location called the Infinite Ocean. This Ocean is like Space, except that it is not filled with stars and planets, but with water and wells. You can travel from one well to another through tube-shaped whirlpools called “fissures”. These are passages of water under very high pressure, that you could compare to wormholes. A peculiarity of the Infinite Ocean is in relation to its water: it is Magical Water, and its energy is the source of all the fantasy events in all the worlds.

Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.

Finally my 2nd Calarts film is completed! It feels really great to make a more personal film this year, now that I know the ropes of filmmaking a bit better. I wanted to make something that focuses on how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love. My family’s lives practically revolve around cooking for each other, so it’s a theme that I’m deeply attached to. I hope you enjoy it!

Fat from The Fat Team on Vimeo.

Graduation film from Supinfocom Arles 2011

Direction // Gary Fouchy - Yohann Auroux Bernard - Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo
Help // Bastien Letoile - Lucas Morandi - Danyang Wang
Music // Noah Sacre
Distribution // Premium Films -

Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2012
Sao Paulo Audience Award “Best Student Film” at Anima Mundi 2012

Siggraph USA 2012
Siggraph Asia 2012
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2012
Art Futura 2012
Barcelona International Audiovisual Festival 2012
Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2012
Anim’est 2012
Festival de l’Acharnière 2012
Gulf Film Festival 2012
Leuven International Short Film Festival 2011
3D Wire 2011

Mickro Cine on Canal +

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim on Vimeo.

My 3rd year Calarts film!

Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse.
All he wants to do is get back to his owner…
I think this year I really learned a lot!
Music is by Devotchka
Special thanks to my faculty, friends and family!
Here are some production work for the film!

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"FINGERS TALE" from StudioMica on Vimeo.

4’ min, 2013, Turkey.
Directed by Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli

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Special Selections:
Best of TAAFI 2013

Official Selections:
PICTOPLASMA Animation Festival, Berlin 2013
Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFİ 2013)
ANIBAR International Animation Festival 2013
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Computer Animation Festival, Hong Kong
ANIM’EST International Animation Festival 2013
European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2013
(BAF 2013) Bradford Animation Festival 2013
La Scatola Blu 2013
MECAL Festival International of Short Film and Animation of Barcelona 2014
Cine-Court Anime Roanne 2014
Atlanta Film Festival 2014
Northwest Animation Festival 2014
Showcase Selection at Lucerne IFF 2014
Anima Mundi,Brazil 2014

Direction/Design/Animation: Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli
Production: Studio Mica
Producers: Luca Schenato, Sinem Vardarli
Script: Luca Schenato
3D artists: Luca Schenato, Gokcen Yuksek, Sinem Vardarli.
Bg Artist: Luca Schenato
SoundFX: Kerem Kiraner, Serkan A.Kargaci
Film Music score: Serkan Alkan
Music score of the trailer: Kids’ Stories by Randall Crissman

©2013 Luca Schenato, Sinem Vardarli Schenato

Dolby Presents: Silent, a Short Film from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.

"Silent" is an animated short film created by Academy Award® winning Moonbot Studios. It celebrates how storytellers, inventors, and technology work together to create cinema magic.

The story follows two street performers who dream of bringing their “Picture and Sound Show” to life. When they discover a magical contraption inside an old theatre, they embark on a cinematic adventure of sight and sound to find the audience they always wanted.

The sound was created by Oscar® nominated sound designer Steve Boeddeker. Get a look at how “Silent” was made here:

"Silent" debuted at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards on February 15, 2014.

Learn more about Dolby Laboratories and its newest cinema technology, Dolby Atmos:

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Nils Frahm - Re (Official Music Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

Nils Frahm releases animated video inspired by his ‘Screws’ album, alongside further worldwide tour dates. All new tour dates can be found on Nils’s brand new website here:

'When I first heard Nils' new album 'Screws' I instantly fell in love with it - not only because of the music, but also because of it's backstory. Listening to 'Re' planted a story and a world in my head, so I decided to create a music video for it.' – Balázs Simon ·

Big Bang Dog from Parquerama Studios on Vimeo.

Is it possible that it happened yesterday? He disappeared right before my eyes and everything remains just as different? Why do they multiply and divide? Only the dogs take this as a natural fact.
Please don’t go into the wrong door. They are the only suspects.

Es posible que haya pasado ayer? Desapareció en mis narices y todo sigue igual de distinto?
Porqué se multiplican y se dividen? Sólo los perros lo toman con normalidad. Por favor, no entre en la puerta equivocada. Ellos son los únicos sospechosos.

Directed by Parquerama Studios

Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero